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A conversation between Annie of Locally Made Journal and Australian made self named label Annie Hamilton, and Cedar Purchase. Discussing the real issues of such a large supply chain, fast fashion and what we're doing to combat these issues. 

After moving to Sydney for a job at one of Australia's largest fast-fashion labels, designer Cedar Purchase was given an insider view into the supply chain and manufacturing process of the fast-fashion industry. She soon realised just how destructive the industry was, and that it was not at all what she wanted to be doing. 

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Owner Cedar Purchase sat down for coffee with Alana of Fitzroy Magazine for a chat on how Cedar organics started and the main issues involved with the Fashion Industry and how we can work towards changing these issues.

“it’s almost a responsibility now that you need to be taking a step further, you can’t just do the same thing that everybody else is doing.”

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An interview between a dear friends Daisy Goodwin of Sustainable Simply and Cedar Purchase of Cedar Organics. An insight into where Cedar Organics came from and a more in depth response to sustainable and ethical fashion.

What is Cedar Organics about in one sentence?

Cedar Organics is about addressing the issues we are faced with within the fashion industry and offering the most sustainable and ethical product whilst educating people on these issues.

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