All garments are made by hand by wonderfully skilled makers locally in Sydney. Working with talented pattern makers, sample machinists, cutters and seamstress create opportunities for already existing and new jobs in the industry. Each year so many talented professionals are put out of work due to Australian factories closing down from international competition. Exploitation of workers both internationally and within Australia within the fashion manufacturing industry is a regular occurrence. Finding local skilled workers was a real challenge when starting, but we now have a wonderful team who are all paid above the recommended hourly rate and work in safe, clean and positive work environments.


According to Baptist World Aid In 2013, 61% of Australian companies did not know where their garments were made, and 76% didn’t know where their fabric was woven, knitted or dyed. We have complete transparency within our supply chain. We know that our fabrics are certified Fair Trade grown in India, and knitted and dyed in Melbourne. We know exactly who is making our garments, where they work and what their workplace is like, their standard of living and respect fair pay as we work very closely with them.


Approximately three quarters of garment workers, worldwide, are women. Source: Clean Clothes Campaign and on average in most countries paid 60-75% of what their male counterparts are paid. We work closely with local talented women who have been in the industry for decades, but also work with women who are still studying or have just graduated - which opens opportunities for passionate young pattern makers and seamstress. These wonderful women are paid fairly and treated equally.

However we are not gender biased, so we ensure that a mix of both talented women and men work together to create beautiful products.