Cedar Organics is a reaction to the destructive modern day fashion industry and its impacts to our health and the environment. The fashion Industry is the worlds largest supporter of slave and child labour and the second largest contributor to global warming. It is up to us as consumers to make conscious decisions when buying to be aware of the garments impact on people involved in the supply chain, the impact the chemicals involved in the process of making the garment has on the environment and the makers, and finally the impact that the garment will have on us personally.


Owner Cedar Purchase graduated from Billy Blue College of Design in Brisbane and was offered a job designing for one of Australia's original fast fashion brands and made the move to Sydney shortly after graduating. Throughout the course of a year her eyes were opened to the shocking reality of fast fashion and what seemed to be a large percentage of the fashion industry. Working with manufacturers in China, cheap synthetic materials and poor quality within fabric and make seemed uninspiring and after a year Cedar called it quits to pursue something that aligned with her values and ethics.


Sourcing all material and manufacturing within Sydney has enabled Cedar to be there every step of the way to ensure the most ethical and sustainable supply chain possible whilst keeping 100% transparency. Working with local pattern makers, machinists, weavers, dyers, printers, models, photographers and videographers has opened new and existing opportunities for Sydney's creative industry.  Creating awareness and educating consumers on the state of the fashion industry and how we can do small things to change this is the biggest goal for Cedar and the label.